Friday, March 23, 2007


Every once in a while a piece of porn comes my way that makes me breathe a sigh of amazed relief. More commonly it's "Who in the fuck gets their rocks off to this?" or just a simple "Fuck".

In this particular piece of film, a girl who had her left foot amputated rides a man reverse cowgirl style. Amputee porn is hard to find to begin with, so right of the bat it's of particular interest. What makes the scene even better is that the girls foot wasn't simply amputated, there was significant muscle loss near the stump. She had the top third of calf intact but below that was a tapered smooth tipped stump that I swear with a little bit of rouge at the tip would look just like a cock. A girl leans foward and kisses the tip of the stump and gets it slick. Then the amputee who is still riding the fellow below her starts to fuck the girl in front of her with the stump.

Honest to goodness stump-fucking.

Everything that can be done will be done regardless of the cost.
It is our destiny.

Personally I would like to see that actress fist two girls at the same time while fucking another chick with her stump while getting double stump penetrated and getting throat fucked. The only way that scene could get better is if her other foot was amputated as well allowing her to have all four of her appendages buried in vag.

Waste not want not.