Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stephen Baldwin Can Do The Following

Stephen Baldwin can suck the wretched intestinal spatter straight from my pucker after a night of Tequila and Jalepeno n' Bean Burritos.

Stephen Baldwin can get ass raped by a mule wearing a jagged dried up cum sock while kneeling on rice and broken glass.

Stephen Baldwin can get his face directly smeared with the menstrual blood of a horde of unwashed fat chicks. Just to be clear, we're talkin' cooter to face here.

Stephen Baldwin can get ebola, gonorrhrea, worms and testicular cancer. And upon his last dying moment his hallucination will be the hand of god personally swatting him with a wingtip.

Why is Stephen Baldwin George Bush's "Cultural Advisor"?

As if we needed another exhibit of the President's idiocy.

Why are thousands of kids signing pledge cards committing themselves to a life in christ after listening to him do a street preacher schtick? He tells them that they'll be saved after their "gnarly rebirth". First off, it's Stephen Baldwin. STEPHEN BALDWIN. He can't even sell you the role he's ham fisting his way through, but he's selling you on christ? And threatening to break the face of anyone who gets in his way? Not that anyone gives a fuck what Christianity was spelled out to be anymore, but "blessed are the meek" is something even I remember from Sunday School. And in essence what is happening is you are being sold a sucker's religion by the same guy who starred alongside Pauly Shore in "Biodome".

America is doomed.

Sweet merciful crap are we doomed.

Congratulations to North Korea on their first successful nuclear test. Better late than never!