Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Dinosaur Porns?

Been watchings Metalocalypse and nows I must pluralize everythings.

Yeah, so I just watched three guys in full Teradactyl suits gang-banging a chick. Apparently my awareness of niche porn is a bit behind the times. The thing of it is, niche porn usually finds you whether you want it to or not. In this case two different sites, one having nothing to do with porn and the other being Fleshbot, pointed me towards two different dinosaur clips. So now I'm wondering if they're part of the same film, and if so, is it worth finding and downloading?

That shouldn't have even been a question. Of course it must be found and downloaded. Because really, what kind of a person would I be if I didn't have dinosaur porn on my computer? Besides, I'm kind of curious if there are other dinosaurs getting busy, and more importantly will there be a brontosaurus with it's face in a girl's bush? It is a herbivore after all.


I just watched a guy in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume slap his big two foot rubber cock on a chick's back just before spewing a gallon of fake jizz all over her.

You know, just thought I'd share.

And of course, the dialogue is in German.

Still, it's a lot less creepy than the E.T. porn. Or the zombie porn, or the clown porn....